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12th March 2017

Video Stories: What they are to ContentCal, and how we use them

At ContentCal, we’ve introduced a new output for our design deliverables: the Video Story. A Video Story is created once a prototype, product feature or final deliverable has been completed internally. It’s made simply by shooting a video with an audio dialogue that narrates both the problem and our solution.
Here’s an example:
Video Stories have 3 great advantages…

They are quick and cheap to produce

All you really need to create a Video Story is a video camera, a basic script and someone who’s good at talking. At ContentCal our head of Growth, Andy, does the voiceovers for us. If he can easily narrate the video- it usually means he’s clearly understood the creative. So having someone other than the designer do the narration has this advantage.

They are quick to understand

Our video stories usually cover the problem that we are trying to solve, followed by a run through of our design solution. The videos are usually 2-3 minutes long, depending on the size of the design challenge. We may also break scenarios into smaller videos to make each problem easier to digest.

They are easy to share and feedback on

We host our Video Stories on Vimeo – meaning all we need to do afterwards is share the link. There’s no downloading to do or storage space to worry about. Having a simple share link also means we can share the video in Intercom, our customer support system, with ease. Sometimes we won’t even ask for particular feedback, we just mention what we’ve done and see what people say back. It all depends what feedback we’re looking for.
So, why not create a Video Story for your next design deliverable? Save yourself time and money by not preparing lengthy presentations for feedback, and create a greater understanding of your design solution.

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