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21st March 2015

The next big wearable could be 'constant audio' micro devices.

The smart audio era is coming. With the arrival of the Apple watch we will see an increase in people talking directly into a wearable. But having to lean into a device to give a command can be cumbersome, and a little too Star Trek to make a majority of people adapt to it anytime soon. Also, it still requires us to trigger a command to enable the audio connection.

My predication is that businesses like Apple will soon start to develop and in-ear wearables that are designed to stay in the ear at all times. With these new earpieces, we could achieve things like listen to the morning news or receive notifications without having to interact with a physical device. It’s invisible design, and it allows greater communication with less action.

Apps like Wunderlist are already working on a hands-free way to add ‘to do’ list items to their build through audio alone. This type of behaviour allows us to reduce the time between a thought and an action. There is no need to open a laptop or grab the nearest pen and paper. Audio allows faster, almost instant interaction which is much more reflective of how our brain works.

Permanent earphones could well be the next evolution of this, one that will embrace an ‘always on’ experience and invisible design.

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