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12th March 2017

Looking at how the Monzo Golden Ticket works

Mondo is a smart bank for the smartphone generation which does away with things like bricks and mortar branches, cheque books and the like; instead it hinges around an app.

In its own words Mondo says it’s: “focussed on building the best current account in the world and ultimately working with a range of other providers so that Mondo can be an intelligent hub for your entire financial life.”

Monzo Golden Ticket design
The Golden Ticket is Monzo’s solution for existing users to invite new users to the product. Rather than going for a standard ‘invite you friends’ referral system, Monzo has gone a step further and added an experience that feels exclusive and personal. The experience starts as a push notification that notifies the user that they have a golden ticket. Upon entering the Monzo app, the notification content fills a row in the main ‘Home’ section. The notification UI appears in the same format as the transactions UI, the only difference being the extra, secondary line of text, which adds context to the primary text title. The notifications UI row also uses the Monzo icon to replace the transaction Icons, which further creates clarity that these aren’t transactions, and that these are notifications from Monzo.

Interestingly, you can also clear the notification row by hitting the ‘X’ UI. Whilst this makes sense for other notifications like ‘low balance’ – I question how clear it becomes for users who clear the notification and then want to use it in the future. As I’m wanting to give out my golden ticket, I won’t be clearing it :)

Tapping on the Golden ticket notification brings up a full screen modal which gives 2 paragraphs of information to better explain what the golden ticket’s purpose is, and how its intended to be used. Also on the modal is a golden ticket illustration, which adds to the excitement of using it. The call to action button text reads ‘Send to Friend’. This adds further clarity that the ticket is intended to be sent to somebody in your mobile contacts list. Somebody that are friends with. The button is also full width and in the Monzo brand blue, which makes it stand out well against the dark background. Also on this modal is a back button to the main app screen, and an iOS share icon which provides interaction with other apps, for example ‘Save to Pocket’ or ‘send in Message’. These same options are presented when a user presses the ‘Send to Friend’ button. This makes me question the need for the share icon as it may cause confusion between ‘share’ and ‘send’.

Upon sending the ticket from a choice of options, I used Messages to send it in this example. The rendered text reads “Here’s a golden ticket to skip the queue for Monzo!” followed by the Monzo link. I wonder if this provides enough clarity to invited users who are not aware what Monzo is. Perhaps a ‘What is Monzo’ type link below the ticket link would help to clarify this. However, the previous times I’ve sent a ticket, I have been with the person at the time and talked them through the model. This could be a common communication pattern between inviters and invitees.

Like many other Monzo interactions, the Golden Ticket is a playful and intuitive UI flow, and a creative and different way of growing their user base through invite driven on-boarding. Monzo is setting a great standard in delighting it’s users with every interaction. Go Monzo!

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