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21st February 2015

Be more Erin

“We live the internet, constantly capturing and feeding back in the latest culture. Our customers come to buy what’s cool before they even know it’s cool. Shop Jeen is about being part of something—feeling relevant in a fast-paced social media world.”

Erin Yogasundram, more commonly known as Erin Jeen, is the twenty-something founder of Shop Jeen, and also one of the brightest, smartest social media personalities you will find.

Often found chunky classes, wrestling t-shirts and chokers, her irreverent style and (often) emo tweets have built her a cult following. Her Instagram account for @shopjeen alone has 351,000 followers.

I meet “social media experts” on an almost weekly basis. People that claim they can help you perform better with social. Everybody wants to be the next Gary Vaynerchuk. However it’s often the case that these people cannot execute and get results, leaving their clients super disappointed. When clients ask me for advice on their social presence, I point them in the direction of people like Erin. Why? Because they are doing it better than anyone else. I suggest they spend some time looking how these people are engaging with their fans, giving them a daily dose of inspiration, news and tongue-in-cheek humour.

Erin Jeen is building her empire through social media. She lives the internet, and reflects it in everything she does. The people she follows on Twitter are the online celebrities (@sodamntrue), trend-setters (@shamarimaurice), influencers (@father) and innovators (@jasonmante). Meaning if something breaks, she hears first. If it’s relevant, Erin knows.

When you and your brand can become one unified presence, there is no stopping the potential. It’s honest, human, and damn effective when done right.

Be more Erin.


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